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Sanyo Photo Recovery

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Recover deleted photos from Sanyo VPC-S770BK camera

Sanyo VPC-S770BK is a 7.1 Megapixel digital camera. It has 2.4” LCD screen, and 3x optical zoom. This is one of the most stylish camera that comes silver-black color. The camera is slim and very handy. You can easily take photo shots in any situation. The camera has lots of features that lets you capture high quality with sharp and natural image. Sometime, you accidentally delete some photos from the camera. In such case, you should immediately go to recover deleted photos Sanyo VPC-S770BK camera.

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The VPC-S770BK camera has 16MB of internal memory that can hold up to 6-10 photos. In order to store thousands of photos, it allows you to use external memory cards. It supports SD/MMC memory cards. If you delete any photos, from either of the internal memory or external memory cards of the camera, you can't restore back. Hence deleted photos permanently get lost. But you have only one option to restore deleted photos from Sanyo VPC-S770BK camera. You need to go for Sanyo Photo Recovery Software.

When you delete photos from the camera, it doesn't actually get deleted permanently. It becomes inaccessible for the camera. Sanyo Photo Recovery scans the whole camera's internal memory and memory cards. After that it previews you the all deleted/lost/missing photos. Now you can easily recover deleted photos from Sanyo VPC-S770BK camera. It allows you to save the recovered photos to your computer's hard drive or any USB flash drive.

Sanyo Photo Recovery software also allows you to restore deleted videos, audio from the camera. It is much powerful that can recover lost photos/video even from corrupted memory card of the camera. If you have experience of photo recovery then you don't need to worry. The software provides easy GUI interface that lets you recover the data within few clicks.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh  

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