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Sanyo Photo Recovery

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Easy way to fix Memory card unable to detect problem

In this high-tech world, photo shoot and share has been very easy. Every one just shoot photo and instantly share with friends, family, relatives with the help of memory cards. Today, almost all the digital camera supports common type of memory card for image, video storage. The most common and popular memory cards for digital camera are SD and SDHC memory cards. However, some of the digital camera supports MMC card, Memory Stick card, XD card etc. Sometime when you insert the memory card into the card reader of your computer, you experience that memory card unable to detect.

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When you retry to access the memory card through your computer, the same issue occurs again. Until you access the memory card, you can't share it with others like on social network facebook, youtube, flickr etc. Therefore, you must resolve the memory card detection problem. Such problems occurs with almost all kind of memory cards whether that is Sanyo SD/SDHC memory card, XD card, Memory Stick etc. Typically, memory card unable to detect due to corruption in the card. The card commonly gets damaged or corrupted due to any of the following reasons:

  • Improper Card ejection/insertion
  • Physical damages in the memory card
  • virus infection in the card
  • Use of the card with incompatible devices
  • Power failure while read/write process

Once the card gets damaged or corrupted, it becomes inaccessible. So when you try to access the card on your computer or your digital camera, the device cannot detect memory card. In such case, you should immediately go for Sanyo Photo Recovery software to fix the problem. Sanyo Photo Recovery software easily recovers all the lost/inaccessible photos, videos from corrupted memory cards. The software supports all types of digital storage cards like SD/SDHC card, XD card, Memory Stick, MMC card etc.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh  

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