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Sanyo Photo Recovery

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Troubleshoot Memory card showing 0 bytes

Today, we have a range of memory cards. Some of the cards are specific for digital camera some are for multimedia gadgets. SDHC memory cards is considered to be best for digital camera. Such cards are supported by most of the digital camera including Sanyo camera. You can also use SD card with Sanyo camera. Sometime, the SDHC/SD card creates problem. When you try to backup photos of the memory card to your computer, you encounter a very serious problem. You experience that memory card showing 0 bytes. This is really strange and horrible issue with memory cards.

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When you retry to access the memory card, the memory card is empty. As you go its properties, memory card showing 0 bytes as free space and 0 bytes as used space. However, you are sure that there was enough storage capacity in the card along with enough free and used space. But while opening the card, it doesn't show any thing in the card. It generally occurs due to corruption or damages in the memory card.

If memory card showing 0 bytes, it means you can neither store any images nor you can access any data. Hence, the card becomes useless. When you try to format the memory card to fix the 0 bytes issue, you may receive error message like 'Windows cannot complete the format' or 'Memory card cannot be formatted'. In such case, you should go replace the corrupted card with the right one. If you have lots of images stored in the memory card then you can recover it with the help of Sanyo Photo Recovery software. The software recovers all the lost images, videos, music etc from corrupted or damaged SD/SDHC memory cards.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh  

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